Apitherapy is a practice as old as the world. As with all natural therapeutic techniques, it suffered indifference from the pharmaceutical industry until the 90’s. Its rebirth is the result of its efficiency and its safety. We owe the integration of honey in traditional medicine to Dr. PR Prescotte in the surgery department.

Personally, I discovered apitherapy thanks to Dr. Henri Joyeux, a surgeon oncologist and lecturer well known in France.

He praises the benefits of bee products for health in general, but also specifically to help slow down diseases such as: Multiple sclerosis, degenerative diseases (bee venom), HIV, Alzheimer’s disease (pollen and royal jelly), chronic fatigue (pollen) and all matters of asthma, bronchitis, sore throat, colds, otitis and herpes (propolis), etc.

I looked more into it then and found a school in France led by Dr. A. Backer, who is also the leader of the Association Francophone de l’Apithérapie (French Association of Apitherapy), and I graduated in 2017.